What is HCS and TxHmL?

What is HCS and TxHmL?

Home and Community Based Services and Texas Home Living Services are Medicaid Waiver programs affirmed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that offers people and their families an other option to institutional care. These projects are controlled by Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services and worked by a statewide system of suppliers.

HCS Affirm and TxHmL administrations are individualized, group based, customer driven and receptive to evolving needs. Singular decision is the main thrust of the HCS and TxHmL programs. By empowering individual decisions, the HCS and TxHmL programs enable its shoppers to lead lives of autonomy and self-assurance, to accomplish incorporation into the group and to assert the rights, pride, and regard of every individual served.

What Services are Available?

Contingent upon needs, the individual may get a few or the greater part of the accompanying administrations:

Private – The HCS program offers the individual a decision of living in their own home or family home, a little gathering home where close to 3 people live, or a child care home.

Case Coordination – coordination of a person’s administrations to guarantee that their needs and needs are being met.

Reprieve – Short-term help to essential guardian in crisis or arranged circumstances. This might be in a person’s own home or one of our gathering homes or child care homes.

Day Habilitation – Tejas offers our own nearby day program which consolidates a wide cluster of exercises and preparing projects to meet different levels of necessities including day by day livings abilities preparing, professional preparing, open doors for group incorporation, aptitudes improvement, and recreational and social exercises.

  • Nursing
  • Brain research
  • Social Work
  • Language training
  • Word related and Physical Therapy
  • Dietary
  • Audiology
  • Upheld Employment
  • Dental
  • Versatile Aids
  • Minor Home Modifications

The amount Do These Services Cost?

HCS administrations are given at no cost to people enlisted in the program or to their families. In any case, beneficiaries who need private position out of their normal homes will be charged an expense for food and lodging.

Who is qualified?

  • To be qualified for HCS administrations, a man must:
  • Be put on all inclusive intrigue list kept up by the neighborhood MHMR
  • Meet money related qualification prerequisites (SSI, Medicaid)
  • Meet Level of Care prerequisites
  • Have an analysis of scholarly inability or related condition
  • Not be selected in another waiver program
  • Not require administrations that surpass the cost roof set by the state

Why HCS? Why TxHmL?

  • HCS contrasts from other group based Medicaid programs on a fundamental level and practice.
  • It depends on a conviction framework not an arrangement of directions.
  • Its program demonstrate is the family, not the healing facility, nursing home or establishment.
  • Its main thrust is singular decision.
  • Its administrations are tweaked to singular needs.
  • It is focused on enabling its buyers to enter completely and autonomously into the life of the group.
  • It limits exchange living courses of action to three or four people with inabilities who live respectively.

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