The translation of documents from the Civil Registry of Senegal


Spain is one of the preferred destinations for the Senegalese who decide to emigrate abroad in search of new opportunities. In same Senegal occurring in Spain, young people seek a new life and new illusions abroad. Because the Spanish and Senegalese cultures differ enough one another, not as it is the case with France and the African country, the processing of the application for residence in Spain or even request Spanish nationality can become a headache for any Senegalese.

Normally, they go to a lawyer who deals with all the formalities and these are often contact translation as Translation  agencies to put translation sworn of Civil registration documents such as certificates of birth, criminal or marriage of their customers.

Major difficulties in the translation of documents from the Civil Registry
1. documents of the Civil Registry are treated mostly hand printing. Names, surnames, regions, cities, etc. of the Senegalese not tend to be familiar to the Spanish national translator because it is not a widely known in Spain culture. If any of us we ask for names typical of United Kingdom or France, we would be able to say at least ten of each country, but if we are asked by Senegal, then we are lost. This hinders the ability of “guessing” that they must often have the sworn translators when faced with a handwritten text.
2. the institutions and figures of Senegalese law and the Spanish are totally different: in Senegal there are regional courts of first instance, regional special courts, etc. that do not exist in Spain, as well as figures such as the of the “huissier”, making it difficult to transfer to target purposes that the official of the Immigration Office understand that the document has been issued by a foreign authority.
3. territorial of Senegal is a completely different system and not much information exists on the Internet or in Google maps. Many times I find that in the section on “collectivité” is the name of a region partially unreadable. When this happens in France, it’s simple, we introduce the first words in San Google and voila! It appears as if by magic the name of the region or city. Rarely I has happened when I tried to locate a city of Senegal. In addition, its territorial management system includes: regions, départements, collectivités, common, Communautés rurales, villes, arrondissements, etc. and his transfer to the Spanish is difficult. I usually opt for a literal translation with a view to that in a future search for the territory by the Spanish administration location is much more easy.
Despite these difficulties, the translation of documents from Senegal is one of the more satisfying tasks that I have done because it has allowed me to discover a culture unknown to me and a judicial system complex but appealing through the words. I perceive as many Senegalese customers are surprised of my knowledge after several years of “sampling and testing” of regions and Senegalese cities and love to someone in Spain to learn something of his country.
We must be aware that the Senegalese are members of our country and that they not only reside and live here, what less than worrying a little about understand their customs and know something of the country where they were born and which had by circumstances of life which leave behind. Multiculturalism and coexistence are some of my favorite words, use them.

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