Garage Door Repair Mill Creek

Garage door repair service

We offer a service of quality garage doors and automation: fast, reliable and affordable.

ESMA is a certified specialist company in the installation, maintenance and overhaul of automatic doors, garage doors and automation; We give our clients the warranty and peace of mind that we will resolve any incidents that may be with their gates and doors in the shortest possible time.

 A team of professionals at your service

Our technicians are properly qualified in two fundamental aspects:


  • In compliance with the European and Spanish security of mechanical and electrical elements of automatic doors, garage doors both doors.
  • In the use and installation of parts and original spare parts, certified by the leading brands in the sector such as Hormann, Norpa, Ditec, Erreka, Faac, Gibidi, Nice, Andoor, Aprimatic, etc.

Garage door repair procedure

Before a request for redress, the necessary data collected by telephone and sent to your home or business to one of our technicians. We will do a thorough review, checking items that are committed at the breakdown, as well as a general review of the mechanical, electrical systems and safety to ensure the proper functioning of the other parts of the garage door.

We have personnel, proper equipment for repair of automatic doors and a large stock of spare parts and original spare parts, since we work with a large number of brands of automatic doors and automations; for this reason we can assure you a quick and efficient garage door repair Mill Creek , at the time, avoiding unnecessary additional travel costs.

We serve most of repairs in 24 or 48 hours, or an emergency if his community of neighbors, home or business needs it.

Quality assurance in your garage door repair

All of our repairs guarantee the preservation of and compliance with the CE marking, which is mandatory for all automatic doors, doors ESMA is approved to do this kind of repairs since 2009.

Among the possible incidents that may you find your garage door, are those that affect hinges, chains, locks, electrical switchboards, control plates, motors, photocells, sprockets, Rails, controls garage, locksmith, panels, etc. All these and many more are within the scope of the service for garage doors we offer.

We also have maintenance contracts, which will allow you to extend the life of your auto or pedestrian door. You’ll save on major faults to the serviceman periodically check the condition of your garage door. In addition to prevent accidents and ensure the smooth operation of mechanical, electrical items and your automatic door security.

Repair of all types of automatic doors

  • Industrial doors: sectional, rapid, overhead, guillotines, slides, articulated, locks, telescopic, fire safety, etc.
  • Domestic or residential garage doors: sectional, sliding, tilt, swing, roll up blinds, flame retardant, etc.
  • Glass doors: sliding, angular, bends, telescopic, rotating, folding, panic, etc.

Areas covered by our garage door repair service

  • Madrid
  • Toledo
  • Guadalajara
  • Avila
  • Segovia
  • Seville
  • Cadiz

Consult us for any other province.