international translation day

The International Translation Day.

Today, on September 30, would like to take my article on the blog of Translation Company to commemorate a day very special for all of us, for our company, for my coworkers, for students of translation, which translated, literally, by love for the art and for more people, since today is the International translation day.

This celebration comes promoted since 1953, year in which was founded in Paris the International Federation of translators. The reason for choosing this date was the death of Jerónimo de Estridón, Holy who translated the Bible from Greek classical and Hebrew into Latin, which represented a revolutionary for the time Act since the Holy Scriptures, until then, had never translated into any other language. This translation is known as the Editio Vulgata, i.e. the editing for the people.

The Importance of Translation

Why is so important translation coming up to have a day in the calendar it? To be able to give an explanation, we will emphasize the title that was baptized the Bible translated into Latin, “Editing for the people”, because as we can see, the Holy with his literary work did what any translation today aims, that is, the dissemination of information to all over the world. This objective, is not at all easy to get. The quality of the translation makes the factor of greatest importance, in this way the translator must have the same dedication and affection for his work that the author of the original text. Translations depend on many fields of our environment, economy, policy, and the free movement of persons, cultural diffusion, or leisure, among others. Thus, thanks to translation products are exported from the Spanish market, we can understand the hearings of Angela Merkel or François Hollande and even all over the world can enjoy films departures from Hollywood or various Nintendo video game.

At Translation Company, we are aware of the important thing is the quality of a translation and ourselves, therefore our translations carefully. We have a staff of translators who are highly qualified and trained to perform this transfer of information from a source to a target language. Also, in our company we have instruments in order to document us and facilitate the process of translation, CAT tools such as various manuals. It is not less important, to mention that we have a team of reviewers responsible for the quality of the translations to reach its greatest exponent. Not of less importance, it is to remember that all of our workers are sworn translators duly appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ultimately, is largely justified to the translation, motor Translation Company and the whole world, to have his own day, since in our polyglot world, is translating what unites us, what moves our environment and of course, this translation has its own name: the translation of quality in all caps.

How translation is helping to save endangered languages

There are roughly 7,000 spoken languages in the world today. However, it is thought that over half of them could disappear by the end of the 21st century. Every two weeks, the last living speaker of a language dies. One example is Hazel Sampson, who passed away earlier this year as the last native speaker of the S’klallam language, spoken by the Klallam Native American tribe.

Globalisation is another cause of language extinction

The cultural and economic dominance of the Western world means that English is now the ‘lingua franca’ and English language books, films and television and be found in virtually every corner of the globe. Furthermore, minority languages are being replaced by more widely spoken, global languages such as English, Spanish, Hindi and Russian.

Recognising the need to save languages from extinction, linguists are now documenting disappearing languages through translation in order to preserve them for the future. For instance, the Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages records rare languages and assists communities in maintaining and revitalizing knowledge of their native languages. The Living Tongues organization records audio, visual and text documents using digital video, voice recorders, and other modern technologies. It also produces storybooks, dictionaries, online resources and multi-media educational materials to not only preserve languages for future studies, but to help members of these threatened cultures to conserve part of their heritage and learn the language of their ancestors.

Why is language preservation so important?

The death of a language also means the death of a culture. Many endangered languages express the rich cultures of the people who speak them, with stories and songs passed on to younger generations, but they have no written forms. Therefore, with the extinction of a language, an entire culture is lost. Also, studying various languages also increases our understanding of how humans communicate and store knowledge. This linguistic information can provide insight into dyslexia, language impairments, hearing loss and may help with diseases such as Alzheimer’s. If there are only a handful of languages to study, then there is not enough data to understand how language really works in the brain.

One of the projects of the Living Tongues Institute is the Chipaya Language Project in Bolivia. Chipaya is a language spoken by around 1,500 people in the highlands of Bolivia. Chipaya speakers are undergoing a shift to Spanish. The Living Tongue’s linguists travelled to Bolivia to work with some of the remaining speakers of Chipaya to record sample lexical and grammatical materials. As a result they have created a ‘Talking Dictionary’ that gives listeners a chance to hear a completely unknown language.

Furthermore, this year Living Tongues has launched a partnership with Viki, a popular video streaming site with TV shows and films from around the world. Viki uses crowd sourcing to translate subtitles for films and TV shows into a variety of different languages. The objective of the collaboration is to encourage speakers of endangered languages to translate subtitles. By doing so, they help build a record of the languages and keep them relevant for younger speakers. So far, content on Viki has been translated into 29 endangered or threatened languages, such as Zo, Nauruan, Scottish Gaelic, Cornish, and Cherokee.

All in all, translation of endangered languages, especially those only spoken, is crucial in helping preserve these languages. With translation and technology, a language that perhaps has never been heard before outside of a small town in Bolivia can suddenly have a global audience. The approach can also help to revitalize previously extinct languages, such as Cornish in the United Kingdom. By combining translation with modern technology and the Internet, the effort to conserve languages is incredibly powerful.


Multilingual language services

People and companies who work in the linguistic sector are more than familiar with languages as English, German, Chinese, or Arabic majority. However, in the world there are a number of less widely used languages that, more often than we think, they also need to be translated.

Who should I call if I need to apply for the certified translation of a background document issued in Danish? Where can I translate documentation written in Hebrew? We are aware that, in a first moment, can seem difficult to find a good choice, but in Translation Company are at your disposal and put at your disposal the best multilingual linguistic services.

While the professional activity of Translation Company is mainly based on the sworn translation in all languages, when we speak of language services not we restrict ourselves to this area. Our team works every day to offer a comprehensive multilingual service which includes activities such as those mentioned below.

Types of language services

We offer interpretation services, for which we have a large team of highly qualified professionals in a multitude of languages. Consecutive, Liaison interpreting, simultaneous, sworn… judgments, job interviews… our language services cover many areas. To do this, we define customer service that best fits your needs and try to optimize resources, all depending on the event and the customer’s requirements.

Multilingual services we offer include also the website localization. The location is not restricted to the translation, but it implies a process of adaptation and acculturation of the content being published. To provide an optimal linguistic service it is not enough to pass a text from one language to another. We must plunge into the content and get to know the culture of the country concerned to so elaborate a text that not only play a few words, but to transmit a message and respect a culture; and at Translation Company we are aware of it.

Of course there is mention the multilingual translation, which is our main activity. We offer services both sworn translation and specialized translation not sworn in all languages. In this regard, it is worth mentioning also the task of transcription, which, in the case of audiovisual translation, often precedes the translation. All of these multilingual language services can be found at Translation Company.

Danish, Hebrew, Basque… If you want to request a language, any language, feel free to contact us. Translation Company is a multilingual and multicultural, whose team is involved in each and every one of the texts you receive for them ten results. We have translators and interpreters specialists and judges in all languages, willing to offer them the best linguistic services in the market.


The translation of documents from the Civil Registry of Senegal

Spain is one of the preferred destinations for the Senegalese who decide to emigrate abroad in search of new opportunities. In same Senegal occurring in Spain, young people seek a new life and new illusions abroad. Because the Spanish and Senegalese cultures differ enough one another, not as it is the case with France and the African country, the processing of the application for residence in Spain or even request Spanish nationality can become a headache for any Senegalese.

Normally, they go to a lawyer who deals with all the formalities and these are often contact translation as Translation  agencies to put translation sworn of Civil registration documents such as certificates of birth, criminal or marriage of their customers.

Major difficulties in the translation of documents from the Civil Registry
1. documents of the Civil Registry are treated mostly hand printing. Names, surnames, regions, cities, etc. of the Senegalese not tend to be familiar to the Spanish national translator because it is not a widely known in Spain culture. If any of us we ask for names typical of United Kingdom or France, we would be able to say at least ten of each country, but if we are asked by Senegal, then we are lost. This hinders the ability of “guessing” that they must often have the sworn translators when faced with a handwritten text.
2. the institutions and figures of Senegalese law and the Spanish are totally different: in Senegal there are regional courts of first instance, regional special courts, etc. that do not exist in Spain, as well as figures such as the of the “huissier”, making it difficult to transfer to target purposes that the official of the Immigration Office understand that the document has been issued by a foreign authority.
3. territorial of Senegal is a completely different system and not much information exists on the Internet or in Google maps. Many times I find that in the section on “collectivité” is the name of a region partially unreadable. When this happens in France, it’s simple, we introduce the first words in San Google and voila! It appears as if by magic the name of the region or city. Rarely I has happened when I tried to locate a city of Senegal. In addition, its territorial management system includes: regions, départements, collectivités, common, Communautés rurales, villes, arrondissements, etc. and his transfer to the Spanish is difficult. I usually opt for a literal translation with a view to that in a future search for the territory by the Spanish administration location is much more easy.
Despite these difficulties, the translation of documents from Senegal is one of the more satisfying tasks that I have done because it has allowed me to discover a culture unknown to me and a judicial system complex but appealing through the words. I perceive as many Senegalese customers are surprised of my knowledge after several years of “sampling and testing” of regions and Senegalese cities and love to someone in Spain to learn something of his country.
We must be aware that the Senegalese are members of our country and that they not only reside and live here, what less than worrying a little about understand their customs and know something of the country where they were born and which had by circumstances of life which leave behind. Multiculturalism and coexistence are some of my favorite words, use them.

What exactly are Values of the Two-Year College.

Highly developed education within this country is efficiently becoming a necessity from the organization team in place of an extravagance. Within the earlier the men and women who had a secondary college exercising nevertheless had the chance to fabricate a first-class environment for them selves and their family members. Individuals days are rather quickly becoming a different dieing coal of your past. For the off probability which you wish to have sizeable obtaining capability amid your life span you might be wholly limited by your finding out capability as well as amount of instruction you may have gotten.

The uplifting information is you don’t ought to possess a acquire or bust process close to instruction. You may start by making infant strides on the subject of innovative instruction. To the off possibility that you choose to use a junior college as part of your common vicinity, that is an example of the most efficient belongings for starting your university instruction at any stage on your existence. Most junior schools supply classes at varying situations amid the working day and evening, even some on Saturday keeping in mind the end end goal to oblige understudies of varied ages and foundations.

Junior faculties likewise offer a amazing chance to begin your understanding mission within a way that is definitely a terrific deal a little more easily reasonable towards the common countrywide than an all out college or university. These faculties are to a fantastic extent employee educational facilities then again usually there are one or two that let understudies the experience of living over a university grounds in a a lot decrease expenses than most authentic schools charge for the exact or essentially the same as many advantages.

Junior colleges additionally permit you to examine your selections in case you are not primarily selected what heading you would like for the schooling to take while not shelling out this kind of a excessive price with the procedure. In case you are aware of the vocation way you wish to just take perhaps you may locate a two-year diploma plan that may have you ever outside of college as well as in a career considerably earlier than a four-year application will permit. About the off probability that that won’t ample news for yourself, a sizable portion of the two-year tasks of study that happen to be available with the junior university degree may possibly just shift simply into four yr certification programs within the school degree.

Junior faculties present you with a very good start off for a few individuals that are shopping for highly developed training whether to assist their professions or perhaps to find gratification on a person level in life. There’s several exceptional jobs in specialized fields and scholarly fields which might be investigated and experiments on the junior university amount.

For graduating secondary faculty understudies junior schools assistance understudies manual in the alteration from secondary school to highschool with no need of going through how of lifespan stun that some colleges can set understudies as a result of. You can see there are regularly a number of odds to fulfill instructive and likewise social wishes in the junior higher education degree for understudies which have been occupied with attempting to get following a junior university education.

You ought to also see that junior schools tend to be fewer demanding to paying out almost about putting apart funds and expenditure cash for either your own faculty education or maybe the instructive charges of your respective kids. Obtaining them head over to a junior college for the long time then exchanging to the College can spare numerous income and give you a little bit of intellect that the boys and girls are as nonetheless accepting an exceptional amount of instruction.

Unquestionably, relating to the off prospect that you will be in search of an astounding quality close to instruction you’ll do yourself or your children an damage in case you don’t glance at the junior faculty possibilities in the basic vicinity prior to dove in and jumping into the school means of lifespan. You will discover that junior colleges normally supply you with an equal amount of instruction with the straightforward courses that for starters and 2nd calendar year undergrads routinely choose, they are really a vastly enhanced esteem with the hard cash, and they’re an fantastic traits for that persons that are attempting to juggle their preparation with loved ones and do the trick responsibilities.

Exactly what are Values of the Two-Year Faculty.

Highly developed schooling in this nation is shortly turning into a need within the online business group as an alternative to an extravagance. Within the earlier the men and women who had a secondary university exercising still experienced the chance to manufacture a top-quality society for by themselves and their households. People times are easily turning into one additional dieing coal for the past. Relating to the off possibility that you just would like to have great attaining probable amid your lifetime you might be thoroughly limited by your discovering probable as well as level of instruction you will have gotten.

The uplifting news is that you really don’t must have a very get or bust approach with regards to instruction. You’ll be able to begin by producing infant strides almost about advanced schooling. For the off chance that you have a very junior college as part of your normal vicinity, this is certainly undoubtedly one of one of the best belongings for setting up your university instruction at any phase within your everyday living. Most junior schools feature lessons at diverse occasions amid the working day and night, even some on Saturday attempting to keep in mind the top purpose to oblige understudies of varied ages and foundations.

Junior colleges at the same time provide a incredible chance to start your studying mission inside a way that may be a wonderful deal more effortlessly sensible to the common nationwide than an all out university. These universities are to some great extent employee educational facilities having said that there are a number of that let understudies the practical experience of residing over a college grounds at a quite a bit reduce price tag than most true faculties cost for your exact same or essentially the same as gains.

Junior faculties furthermore permit you to definitely examine your choices in the event that you aren’t typically distinct what heading you want for ones guidance to get with no paying this sort of a huge expenses for the method. In case you are aware of the vocation way you want to require you could possibly locate a two-year diploma method that could have you away from college as well as in a career a whole lot earlier than a four-year plan will allow. For the off opportunity that that won’t adequate information in your case, a big portion of the two-year projects of study that will be featured at the junior college or university amount could just shift simply into four yr certification software programs on the faculty amount.

Junior colleges offer a great start for some men and women that are searching for innovative training whether to help their professions or maybe to discover satisfaction on someone level in everyday life. There can be a number of great projects in pro fields and scholarly fields that may be investigated and scientific studies to the junior faculty degree.

For graduating secondary college understudies junior faculties support understudies instruct to the alteration from secondary college to highschool without any going through just how of living stun that one or two faculties can set understudies thru. You can find that there are frequently a good number of possibilities to satisfy instructive and also social specifications in the junior college level for understudies that are occupied with looking for after a junior college or university preparation.

You should furthermore find that junior schools tend to be a lot less demanding to paying almost about placing aside finances and financial commitment resources for either your very own college coaching or perhaps the instructive bills of one’s youngsters. Getting them check out a junior school to get a prolonged time then exchanging to some University can spare quite a few cash and give you a small amount of intellect that your young people are as but accepting a terrific stage of instruction.

Seriously, over the off prospect you are hunting for an astounding superior close to instruction you’ll do you or your kids an damage in case you don’t look and feel on the junior university options in your own normal vicinity in advance of dove in and leaping into the higher education technique for everyday life. You’ll find that junior colleges commonly include an equivalent stage of instruction for your essential courses that initial and second calendar year undergrads commonly acquire, they are really a vastly improved esteem for the hard cash, and they are an remarkable characteristics for the individuals who’re trying to juggle their teaching with loved ones and give good results responsibilities.