Best Gun Safes for Long Guns – Our Top Recommendations

Paragon Lock and Safe – 8 Rifle Safe Cabinet

This safe is about polish and barrier. It has incredible feel and accompanies storage room of up to 8 weapons of around 47″ long. The protected accompanies an inside locking bureau that has its own particular locking instrument.Comes covered with a quality 18-gage powder for better barrier.Concealed pivots give security against robbery.With a substantial steel construct, it is almost difficult to infiltrate.A dark tangle is given at the base to offer incredible padding for rifle stockpiling.

The safe is ideal for weapon clients who have a considerable measure of long firearms; it has an extraordinary little office as a capacity box inside its safe to give stockpiling of profitable things, for example, ammunition, gems, and so forth. The Paragon Lock and Safe is an awesome speculation forever that can give important assurance to your guns and assets against trespassers.

Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe

With the Barska Biometric rifle safe, you have the main safe you’ll requirement for rifle insurance. Each of its removable inside capacity racks has space for 12 rifles. The model accompanies a unique mark innovation that permits just the client and nobody else to get to the safe.Stores a monstrous 120 customized fingerprints in its memory.Accompanies a strong 5 deadbolt locking framework keeping the shrewdest of interlopers distant.

Within the sheltered box is agreed with pad material that can safeguard your most perplexing of assets.With its strong steel fabricate, it totally ensures that the substance are shielded from unapproved utilize.The Barska Large Biometric Rifle safe joins innovation with sturdy form quality to give you a brilliant method for protection your guns. Its enormous storage room is perfect to store a lot of rifles alongside handguns to have an ideal wellbeing accumulation.



This safe is the embodiment of guarded form quality. It accompanies a monstrous 2.75mm thick steel to be totally impervious to any measure of prying and hacking open. The BIGHORN 19ECB Gun safe itself is worked to house a decent number of rifles, handguns, archives, other hardware, easily. It depends on its substantial form quality to give greatest insurance.

Offers top notch resistance quality with a 1.5″ thick steel front and a 4.75″ general thickness to supplement its protective ability.8 entryway jolts to totally secure the entryway with a 1″ width of every entryway jolt.Gives a fire insurance of up to 1200 degree Fahrenheit.

Because of its substantial form, the safe is implied for proprietors to use whatever number guns bolted up inside it as could be expected under the circumstances to hold them under security until required. The BIGHORN 19ECB weapon safe is an incredible venture that will last you quite a while and furnish you with the best guns assurance.

Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Safe


The Steelwater Duty 16 safe is a colossal pinnacle of guarded capacities for your best gun safe for the money; it has an extraordinary element that enables you to never be bolted out of your own safe with the twofold bitted sidestep key. It accompanies an extensive stockpiling for around 8 to 9 rifles and has a great deal of compartments that can store handguns, ammunition, and other imperative assets.

Its bolt framework is empowered with an EMP verification electronic framework.Has 9 1″ breadths of steel locking jolts to guarantee most extreme security under the hardest of conditions.The entryway is 4 inch thick which is totally penetrate confirmation and totally ballistic evidence too. This guarantees the entryway can retain a ton of discipline and still be difficult to infiltrate.Can support an imperviousness to fire of around 1550 Fahrenheit making it an extreme safe that won’t split under any measure of stress.

The Steelwater Safe is an unquestionable requirement purchase for those hoping to have a worked in auto discharge sidestep framework as opposed to getting bolted out. The protected itself is flawless with a strong form and the highest point of the line cautious abilities.

Winchester Ranger Deluxe 19-11-E Gun Safe


The Winchester 19-11-E weapon safe is a mammoth 12-gage steel safe that is fireproof for 1-hour combustibility of more than 1400 Fahrenheit. It accompanies a storage room of 24 firearms and offers profitable space for different things that need putting away, for example, ammunition, handguns, rifles, and so on.

Accompanies 10 1.25 creeps of strong steel locking jolts that guarantee the safe is impervious with a 4-way bolting framework.It is made to offer penetrate protection and is alongside difficult to soften up.With 3 layers of fireboard developed in the entryway and 2 layers in the body, the safe is greatly heat proof and offers finish assurance against flame for a hour at any rate.

The Winchester safe is a sharp venture for those hoping to store away an enormous accumulation of guns with the additional security of being heat proof and totally penetrate safe. The sheltered itself is solid and gives the client a top notch insurance to shield the guns.

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