What is the best dog food? The ideal to have good health and a strong immune system, is to take a varied diet, choosing always, of course, among those healthy dog ​​foods.

A good way to feed our pets, is to alternate commercial food (in the form of dry pellets), with natural and fresh food , that we can have at home. So how should I consider feeding my dog? What is the best dry dog ​​food? What natural food can I give? All the answers, in our post today!

The best commercial dog food

Regarding commercial dog food, which we commonly call “pellets, croquettes, or feed”, the first thing we must bear in mind is that there are huge differences in quality between one and the other.

Some are made with animal byproducts of very low nutritional quality, to which are added all kinds of synthetic or artificial additives so that the dog finds some of the nutrients it needs. How can I know if a commercial food is of low quality? To begin with, you should read the label carefully. And know that dog food of average or low quality usually:

Some carry a lot of dyes and preservatives , which can create food allergies to dogs, and other serious diseases in the medium and long term. There are balls for dogs of many artificial colors, for example. Surely you have seen them. Although they are eye-catching to the human eye, those artificial colors are not healthy for dogs.

Food for dogs that carries sugar Visit this webpage , an ingredient that should not be present in our dog’s daily food . This is done by some pet food manufacturers, to improve the taste, creating a kind of “addiction to sugar” and that the dog wants to take more of that particular brand.

They carry vegetable by-products of filling, such as beet pulp (which are simply waste from the sugar industry, to reduce costs). Beetroot pulp is a good food for horses and other herbivores, but dogs can not take advantage of it, due to its high cellulose content, which a dog is unable to digest.

At the opposite extreme, there are feed or balanced for dogs of good quality. Those that do not contain grains such as wheat, (which are added to lower production costs), or if they contain them, are in a low proportion .

As you see, it contains many natural ingredients , both fresh meat, fish, fresh eggs, and vegetables and legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, squash, spinach, etc. They also contain aromatic plants good for dogs such as fennel or rosemary. This dog food does not carry tri or the by-products of filler that we have mentioned, such as beet pulp.

If you can afford it, it is convenient to choose the best brand of dog food you can buy , and discard the cheaper brands, because in the long run, they can cause serious health problems to pets. If you can not afford it, obviously you will have to buy the brand that your economy allows, there is no more discussion in that case.

Is it good to feed my dog ​​only with commercial feed?

It is possible to do it, but of course it is not the ideal situation . Why? Because as we have said, and as the specialists in human and canine nutrition maintain, the secret of a healthy diet is variety.

That is, if the only food that a dog eats during its entire life, is a specific brand of pellets or feed, it is highly unlikely, if not impossible, that the dog is taking all the nutrients and trace elements that are scattered in it. the nature, in different foods. Amen that eating your whole life a unique flavor and texture, day after day, can end up boring and despairing to anyone … imagine your always eating only cookies!

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